Teenager metres from being crushed by collapsing house casually keeps on walking

This the extraordinary moment a falling wall crushes a car metres from a student who then strolls on by as if nothing had happened.

Calm and collected Ryan Puttick was making his way along a road in Christchurch, Dorset on May 21.

Suddenly the top portion of a house’s side wall tears away and crashes down into the road below.

Instead of panicking or running away, the 17-year-old nonchalantly carries on his journey after a large part of the house smashed down into the road metres away from him.

In footage of the incident captured on a doorbell camera a strong wind can be seen and heard whipping across the scene.

As the teenager, hunched over against the breeze, passes a writhing tree a triangle shaped section of bricks comes loose.

It hurtles down onto a silver car below, leaving it covered in bricks and causing a huge bang.

Ryan then pauses slightly but does not stop altogether, instead diverting his course around the pile of rubble and on.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service tweeted that the road was closed due to the “unsafe structure” after the incident.

Ryan was on his way to catch a train for a college exam when the gable end of a house collapsed.

He decided to carry on so not to miss his train and exam.

“I know the video looks like I was fine, like it was a normal thing, but inside I was really, really nervous, really shook up,” Ryan told the BBC.

He said he was thinking about how he could “get out of here as smoothly, as swiftly as possible”.

A woman who lives close to the collapsed home said: “I was in my living room when I heard a loud bang and it made me jump because the house was shaking.

“I came out to see the wall on the floor, it’s just really shocking.”

The teenager’s ice cold reaction has impressed many who perhaps harbour a healthier respect for falling buildings.

This guy needs an award for just being cool,” one woman wrote on Twitter.

One man said: “This guy. Cool as a cucumber. Nothing to see ‘ere, carries on walking.”

Another added: “I absolutely love the nonchalance of this pedestrian. It’s made my day.”